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Servicing Commercial & Industrial Customers

As a Mutual Propane customer, you can expect professional customer service and prompt, dependable propane delivery. Our fleet of bottle trucks is meticulously maintained to ensure there are no delays in service, especially during the harsh winters often experienced in Alberta. Whether on an on-call basis or weekly deliveries, we have flexible schedules to meet your individual needs.

Our Commercial and Industrial Customers


Roofing contractors

Industrial facilities


Construction sites



Retail stores

Foodservice companies

A variety of commercial vehicles (includes forklifts, man lifts, zambonies and more)

Propane Fleet Conversion

Our propane-certified mechanics can convert your existing gasoline-powered fleet of vehicles to run on one of the cleanest alternative fuels available. Some of the benefits you may notice are lowered maintenance costs since Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) leaves fewer residual deposits in the engine. It also reduces wear and tear on engine parts, and provides further savings as your oil stays cleaner. Cleaner oil means more kilometres between services, ultimately saving you time and money.


For more information about propane conversion for commercial and industrial customers, call our toll-free number at 1-800-688-8258 or send us an email.

Saving You Time & Money

You can expect professional and dependable services from our experienced staff with on-time propane delivery.

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