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Serving Alberta Since 1954

We have years of experience as Alberta's first choice for propane. You can rely on us for timely delivery and quality products.

Commercial & Industrial Propane Supply In Red Deer and Across Alberta

Whether you're an oilfield manager or homeowner, you deserve uninterrupted access to energy. At Mutual Propane, we have years of experience working with propane in Red Deer and all over Alberta. Since our inception in 1954, we've developed into a family-grown business that understands the needs of the propane consumers in the area. Over the years, we've travelled to homes, worksites and fields even in the remotest locations to ensure our clients don't experience runouts that halt their operations.


Regardless of the nature of your operations, we will design a propane delivery schedule that meets your requirements and deploy our fleet to reach you. With us, keep your family warm and equipment running. Please speak to us if you'd like to learn more about our propane in Red Deer and all across Alberta.

Our Services

Are you wondering whether we can meet your propane supply requirements? We invite you to read about the industries we serve:

  • Fields: We understand the propane demands of the oil and gas fields in the area. We can meet bulk orders quickly and efficiently.

  • Commercial and industrial: If you run a commercial or industrial operation that relies on propane, we can help. We can supply propane to roofers, construction site managers, retail store owners, and more.

  • Residential: When you choose us to supply your home with propane in Red Deer, you will never have to worry about running out of heat in the winter. We deliver propane for endless residential applications.

  • Agricultural: Propane has many uses in agricultural operations and is popular for its clean energy and efficiency. You can trust us to power your agricultural facility all year round.

In addition to meeting the needs of various industries, we also provide a comprehensive list of propane-related products, from regulators to valves. We can supply fuel for automotive applications and service cylinders. 


Oilfield and pipeline supply

Camp services and supply

Construction heat

Commercial and industrial supply

Propane training courses

Residential and farm fuel

Fuel dispensers

Tank rentals and sales


Cylinder and auto-filling

Cylinder re-certifications

Why Propane?

Whether you're looking to run irrigation engines or heat your home, propane has endless benefits, such as:

  • Versatility: Propane is a versatile gas that gives you complete control over how you want to use it. We can easily transport it to your home or facility to meet your application requirements.

  • Lesser environment impact: Compared to other fuels, propane has a lower impact on the environment and doesn't damage soil and underground water.

  • Efficiency: Propane is incredibly efficient and can produce a significant amount of energy in a short time.

  • Safety: When handled correctly, propane is exceptionally safe and ideal for homes and industries.

Why Choose Mutual Propane in Red Deer and Surrounding Areas?

You might have endless choices when looking for a propane supplier in Red Deer. We believe it should be us. Here's why:

  • Experience: With our years of experience, we've built an uninterrupted storage and distribution network, so you always have access to propane in Red Deer when you need it. 

  • Comprehensive services: No propane requirement is too big or small for us. We can supply propane for endless applications, whether on a farm field or industrial facility. Our knowledgeable team can work with industry-specific demands.

  • Timely deliveries: With our flexible delivery options, minimum response times and quick services, you never have to worry about running out of propane to power your water heater or industrial machines. Our personalized propane delivery in Red Deer is ideal for all clients.

  • Commitment to safety: For us, propane safety is essential. We ensure all of our employees adhere to the strictest safety standards. In addition to that, we also provide safety training to individuals and groups.

  • Excellent client services: As your trusted propane supplier in Red Deer, we strive to provide dependable solutions with no hassles. Our staff is always forthcoming with information, and we can take your unique requirements into account.

Would you like to find out more about working with us? Our team would be delighted to chat or give you a quote. We invite you to speak to us about renting propane tanks and cylinders today!

Contact Mutual Propane for Your Propane Needs in Red Deer and Throughout Alberta

At Mutual Propane, we are dedicated to serving all your propane-related needs.

You've come to the right place, whether you need propane for residential, commercial, agricultural or automotive use. Based in Edmonton, we are one of the oldest propane suppliers in Alberta. We focus on strict safety standards and reliable customer service, aiming to develop long-term relationships with our customers.

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Propane Association
Alberta Construction Safety Association

Propane Parts & Service

At Mutual Propane we sell regulators, valves, gauges and fill cylinders and propane vehicles.

We Deliver Propane

We supply fuel to rural homes, farms, oilfields, industrial & commercial businesses and new construction.

Propane for Your Home

An ideal fuel source for homes in rural areas.

Service Territory

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